My house

We had house shopped. I don't know the exact date offhand, but sometime in November 2010 all the paperwork had been signed. We would take possession of the house in January.

We debated increasing our mortgage somewhat to cover some renovations. We had a place to live and could have done some things there before we moved in. Ultimately, we elected not to. We had at least three reasons.

One, we figured that it would make more sense to live there for a while to figure out what we actually wanted to change rather than just speculate. Two, while we were within our comfort range and well under what the banks were willing to lend us, neither of us wanted to borrow any more money. Three, we were giddy with the idea that we'd have our own house and didn't want to wait one more day than needed to move in.

I don't remember the move. Except for the couch and the giant desk we had. Moving those sucked.

It started out fairly empty, but over the next year we started to lay things out and plan for the next set of changes. Then Isaac showed up and we entered into the kid phase of our lives. Some things we got done, others got put on extended hold.

But it was our house. Laid out in a way that wasn't optimized, but it worked for us and was comforting.

A couple weeks ago I had come back from a ride and needed to shuffle some bikes around. I also needed to pickup the kids like right now. But I also had two bikes in the entrance hallway at the time. This caused a decent amount of stress but I left them and went to get the kids. We got back and I put them away.

Reflecting on the stress though was weird. I would have never left the bikes out while Hillary was alive because she wouldn't have approved of bikes just lying around not put away. Due to that whole respect thing and it not being a big deal, I never would leave them out.

The realization was that I didn't need to target Hillary's comfort anymore. It's my house now I guess. Home for me and the kids.

It's a small thing and I don't know how I feel about it. I haven't left a bike out again yet though.