Moving to Beaverbrook

Leading into the Cross Canada ride, Hillary and I had to decide what to do with our apartment. We didn't want to move everything into storage and then try to have a place lined up for August when we were done riding.

Leaving the apartment empty for a couple of months was an option, but for some reason which is now lost to me, we decided that was a bad idea. Most likely just the idea of paying rent for three months when we wouldn't be there was a tough pill to swallow. While we did really like the apartment, there were small nuisances that were bothering Hillary at least.

Regardless, the outcome was that we decided to move and pitched to Brett that we find a two or three bedroom townhouse or something that we would share. He was game. We had a roommate and now we had to find a place.

I don't remember looking at too many. I remember Brett saying he didn't want to move in the winter. We moved in the first week of spring. While we respected the letter of his request, I'm not entirely sure we really followed the intent. I'm sure he forgave us eventually.

We ended up at 85 Beaverbrook Lane in Kanata. It was a three bedroom townhouse with what was effectively an unfinished basement. It was a pretty great place. The giant open basement was great for storage and became a gym to put weights equipment and leave our bikes setup on the trainer. The basement was also where we played the majority of our (conservatively) hundreds of hours of DDR.

Bikes were stored in the basement and getting there took a couple of tight turns. I don't think we wrecked the walls too badly. I mean, we got the damage deposit back, so it must have been fine.

We would live there for 22 months, minus the time on the ride. The same amount of time we were at Clearview. I lived in the Green House for two years almost on the nose. Hillary, as she moved out a couple of months after me ended up there for 22 months.

That's an odd coincidence that I never thought about before. Seems an interesting trifecta of time periods and homes before we found our house.